Types Of Towbars

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It is not merely getting the vehicle but also the complete know-how of the 4wd accessories in sydneyand the parts that can let you use the vehicle to the fullest. Similarly, it is equally important to know how they look like. Towbars are a must-have for vehicles. You never know when you need them. They are available in different shapes, styles, and sizes. Here is a review of the different popular types of towbars that you can choose from while getting the right one for your vehicle.

The first-ever towbar was seen in the market back in 1932. It was a venture of Franz Knöbel of Westfalia Automotive and measures 50 mm. The same style is the basis of all the designs available now. It comes with a ball and cup design. The structure is such that it is easy to let it swivel easily. Due to the firm connection, it is just the right choice for trailers and even caravans.

  1. Flange towbar

It is a very basic kind of towbar which is not hard even if it comes to the tow bar fitting. You can attach it firmly to the back of the vehicle. It also comes with an electric socket. The tow ball bracket measures 50mm that is further bolted to the towbar frame. These are simple but effective and do not cost too much as well. They may not appear too impressive as they are permanently attached and can, in the end, ruin the impression of the vehicle too.

  1. Swan neck towbar

Swan neck towbars have a tow ball that measures the same as the traditional ones. It comes with a long swan-like neck that gives this kind the name it is popular with.  The neck protrudes out of the rear bumper. There is no need to cut the body unnecessarily, as it happens in the case of the other towbars. There are three versions according to their tow bar fitting, namely permanent, retractable and removable.

  1. Detachable towbars

There is nothing to worry about the car getting disfigured due to the hefty towbars. You can attach it when it is required. They can easily slide under the rear bumper. It is easy to keep them safe by locking them as well. It works with the spring-loaded functions. You can place them back to their original positions when it is needed. They come with a green indicator that makes sure things are going the right way.

  1. Retractable towbars

Who will not like to get the equipment that is easy to store? Retractable towbars are permanent but can be easily retracted or folded to store safely. As they stay out of sight, it does not add the ugly look to the car you hate regarding other towbars. They come in two popular versions, namely manual and electronic.

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