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There are two types of people in this world one who want to expose everything about their life and the other type of people are who want to keep everything private about their life because they want to live like this way and they do not want anyone to know anything about their life and some people want people to know about their life because this is how they want it to be but at some point, even the people who post everything on social media want to have some privacy because a human does not feel the same all the time, peoples’ mood and nature changes with time and that brings a lot of difference in our life but when it comes to privacy, every individual wants it no matter what. However, even if you try to keep your life private, there are some people who want to put nose in your life without any reason, they just want to know what is happening in your life especially your neighbours. Not everyone is same but there are few people who are like this and they may see through your windows what you are doing and what you are not doing. You might be thinking when you are at your home, then how come your neighbour can see you. This is possible when you have outdated or broken windows and doors.

Yes, when your windows and doors are broken, anyone can see through it resulting in ruining your privacy. This is the reason you need to change your windows and doors as soon as possible so that no one is able to see through it and see what you are doing in your house. Imagine that you are dancing in your room thinking that no one is watching you but suddenly you see your neighbour watching you from your broken window, this can ruin your mood and can create so much embarrassment. To avoid such situation, it is important to change your windows and doors and get new custom doors or colonial doors which are durable so that you do not have to change them for a very long period of time.

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